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Hugo de Ruiter will exhibit Chepri At Dutch Masterly in Milan

Hugo de Ruiter will exhibit Chepri collection together with Borek during the coming design week In Milan from 9-14 April at Palazzo Francesco Turati, Via Meravigli 7, Milano (a few steps from Cordusio station at the red metro line)

Preview of Chepri for Borek a landmark on your patio

“I consider furniture to be a third skin. Just like with good clothing, furniture needs to fit well and suit you. Your interior and the design of your terrace forms a distinctive signature of who you are. My furniture is dynamic in form and use. A piece of furniture must adapt to the user and follow their daily life, from a moment to yourself to a hospitable gathering with friends. With active seating comfort during the day, and nice and lazy in the evening

The Chepri collection is a high end design in teak and rope mostly characterized by feminine round shapes I start my designs firstly with a seating idea. I design the shapes around the human body with a good seating comfort as a starting point. Where the dining chair, sofa and lounge chair have a rounded and female character, the dining table has a more Cubistic and sharp design. So in Chepri, just like in a good dish, I combine a sweet and sour combination for a perfect taste. Outdoor furniture is used intensively, but they are also visible 24/7 on your terrace or patio. That is why I try to shape them as a landmark on your terrace.

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