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Interested in my design services or cooperation

I provide a complete package of services in design and product development to customers in the Champions League of international furniture design. 


If you are interested,  feel free  to  contact me for more information.


Inspiration, meaningful innovations and perception

In my furniture designs, I am always looking for meaningful innovations.


Use and experience are paramount. Non-conformist solutions with striking functional features and a surprising design are the result.


I am inspired by nature, art, architecture and technology, but above all by life itself.


A signature piece of furniture is like a landmark in your Interior.

Strategic product development, Innovation, Design management

I advise  companies on design questions, on strategic and technical product development, and on innovation and design management.


Over 22 years of experience in my own design studio and 20 years of experience in product development, design and design management at Leolux  have provided me with broad knowledge and experience on complex design and development questions.


My interest in engineering and practical experience with many materials allows for viable and comfortable solutions in both prototyping and manufacturing in bigger quantities.

Analyses, Concept, 3D Sketching, 3D CAD, Ergonomics

I work both independently and on commission, based on a targeted briefing.


After analyzing the problem to be solved I commence on a concept study with 3D sketches, followed by a 3D CAD study and often a 3D print in which all form and ergonomic aspects are determined and visualized.


During the prototyping I accompany my clients in all facets of product development and I speak the language of craftsmen, engineers and marketeers.

Durability, Eternally Yours

Together with its clients , Hugo de Ruiter design endorses sustainable production methods.


Every single one of my designs is made by craftsmen with an eye for quality. Nothing is forever, but my designs attempt to be a friend for live.


Already at the first sketches I think of the importance of the end customer  with his or her live with the new piece of furniture, because customer satisfaction is a grateful Ambassador for the brand.

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