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Wing Divan Base

Client: Jori


Year: 2016

High end Sofa Wing is not just a sofa nor is it just a bed. It is a hybrid piece of Furniture for the modern city nomad with an individual desire to adept the interior to every days life. 

It is rare that a loft or apartment has 2 or 3 bedrooms and an equivalent number of beds. It is good thing to be able to offer a full double bed to either your friends, family or children.
As the earth rotates on its axis and defines our day and night rhythm, the two Seats of the Bed sofa Wing can be adjusted individually to create multiple seating arrangements. The Wing follows our daily rhythm with all its seating options closely. It allows you to change the character and comfort of the sofa instantly from an active sitting position to a comfy place to sit, read, share an intimate moment, watch a movie, enjoy a glass of wine and last but not least, to relax and sleep.

In October 2016 Wing is distinguished with an award for Good Industrial Design by GIO


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