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Client: 4 Seasons Outdoor by              Dantrindo

Year: 2015


Contempory furniture Design in tube profiles in stainless steel is usually tight and architectural.

The Summit chairs also have a modern design, but the curves in the frame are friendly and elegant. The corner piece in which the armrest turns into the back leg is very subtle. This perfectly executed detail reveals the master hand of the frame builders. 

The diningchair Summit has a minimum weight and maximum comfort. 
With textilene upholstered, lightweight stainless steel frames are easy to use and durable. The furniture can stand outside all seasons. No hassle with pillows and yet a wonderful seating comfort. The textilene cloth is colour-fast and weatherproof. 

Diningchair Summit is a hit for your patio. 

A Deckchair with loose footstool is also available for perfect moments of relaxing.

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