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Sofa Nine


Year: 2015


Number Nine is a sleek sofa with a comprehensible form. The attentive observer will notice subtle details in this shape. The oblique lines in the armrests, vital in determining comfort, are also present in the subtle shape and stitching of the exterior. This imbues the sofas and chair with the richness of a cut diamond.


This 14-carat piece of furniture has even more surprises in store for you. A slight forward and backward move of the backrest brings out a very comfortable headrest from the rear of the sofa. This patented headrest increases comfort immensely, but emerges only when you want it to.


As an additional feature, the chair also comes with a foldable leg rest. Number Nine is available with wooden and metal corner legs, as well as with more inward positioned sleds in brushed stainless steel. This sofa will serve you as a butler: quietly present in the background, but you’ll miss him dearly when he’s gone

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