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Client: Jess Design

Year 2022

The Origami armchair with high back is what was missing from the Jess design collection.

This very comfortable armchair is a real eye-catcher in their collection.


To create a design that was appropriate yet completely original, I first studied the market and then Jess' DNA: honest and accessible, tough and no frills. During the creative process, I came up with the idea of folding the shapes you need - arms, seat and ears - around each other, honest folded shapes. Soon I had the name Origami attached to it." 


A high-backed armchair doesn't just do well in a private setting, the demand for a homely atmosphere is also growing in the office. Hugo: "People are increasingly working from home, which has been compulsory for the last few years, but the trend was already there. The office is becoming a kind of clubhouse, where employees can feel like a member of the team. Jess has seen this clearly; their products also fit into a professional environment."


Origami is available with and without ears on a fixed tube base or swivel base.

Available with matching footstool.

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