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Lagom Armchair

Client: Jori

Year: 2017

Travelling through Sweden and Denmark, I was inspired by the work of Scandinavian design icons and the rolling countryside with the sea always nearby. 'Lagom' is Swedish for 'almost perfect' or 'well-proportioned' and this name captures the essence of this vintage design. The wavy lines of the seat and the gracefully curved surfaces of the armrests are fluid as the motion of a wave, just before it curls and collapses in the sea. 

The elegant leather piping completes these wavy movements. The soft frame in solid walnut or burned oak underlines the exclusive character of this armchair. Design, material-use and seating comfort are perfectly intertwined in Lagom.

The armchair is exceptionally light weight and compact, so you can easily combine it in different places in the interior.

The chair is also available as a cantilever chair with a tube frame.

In October 2017 Lagom is distinguished with an award for Good Industrial Design by GIO
In October 2018 Lagom received a special mention for the German Design Award 2019

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