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Roaring Twenties collection: Musa

Client: Gealux


Roaring Twenties collection

Fashion, style and innovation come together wonderfully in this Roaring Twenties collection, consisting of various armchairs, sofas and tables, which Hugo de Ruiter designed for Gealux.

A new year '20 in a new decade, and with that a great year to give new content to your living wishes. Society and the environment are changing very fast and so are our living needs.

People are not getting smaller, but our houses are. Especially in urban environments there is a great lack of space, houses are expensive and especially for young starters barely affordable. Solutions can be found in smaller houses. In this Roaring Twenties collection, compact furniture with very good seating comfort and responsible use of materials is an answer to the demand for smaller furniture.


Musa is a compact sofa and armchair design. Musa is a botanical collective name for banana plants and trees. I have been inspired by the way a banana plant unfolds its coiled new leaves. This is clearly visible in the armrest.


Musa is light-footed because of its Italian-looking slender base. The bench stands a bit higher on its legs, which creates a kind of airiness that gives space to air and light. The round lines give a wonderful comfort in armchair and sofas. You can nest in the corner.

Getting up is not a problem for people of advanced age because of the open front and the sturdy arm at the front. 


Musa can be executed in 2 upholsteries. Leather on the back and fabric on the inside can be made in Ton sur Ton or more contrasting colors. A subtle leather piping ensures a high quality detail.


The sofas come in 160, 190 and 220 cm.
The Musa metal base is available in black, brown and the new Bronze colors in powder coating.  

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