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Sofa Quadrant


Year: 2020


Quadrant, Flex to the max


Quadrant is a new surprising design of a compact group of elements  for the Dutch brand Gealux.

Quadrant is quirky and original, it offers a maximum of flexibility in the interior in an astonishingly simple way.

Quadrant is a seating concept for people who like variety. For modernists who live in the here and now. For city nomads who don't settle for just one arrangement of their furniture in the interior.


Modern life demands mobility and flexibility. Do you want to experience your interior different and put your furniture in a different way or position, Quadrant is the right solution for you. There are no limiting left and right elements, so after a move to another place or change in your interior, the Quadrant seating group always fits perfectly on the new spot.

The backrest can easily be twisted by an effective, but also simple mechanism. First you turn the backrest upwards, after which you can easily rotate it horizontally to another position.
Every back rest can be placed in 4 positions in every element. 

 In this way you create your own special place for a moment for yourself with attention for what is to be seen outside in the garden. And if your habitat is located on the twentieth floor in a beautiful residential tower, you can enjoy the panorama whenever you like. And as soon as that beautiful movie starts, you'll be in front of the TV in no time again.


The Quadrant design has only 4 elements. A Chaise longue, a 1-seater element  and 2 footstools. There are no compelling left and right elements.

Thanks to the flexible backrests, an almost infinite number of individual configurations are possible in a split second. For a personal touch, extend your set with delicious back and arm cushions.

In October 2020 Quadrant is distinguished with an award for Good Industrial Design by GIO

This award is not a cash prize or trophy. The Awards stands for the recognition of products designed with high craftsmanship, which are judged by a professional jury on functionality, design, originality, ergonomics, use of materials and respect for people and environment. Patent pending

Quadrant, The future is at home.

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