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Chepri Dining

Client: Borek

Year: 2019


I consider furniture to be a third skin. Just like good clothing, furniture needs to fit well and suit you. Your interior and the design of your terrace forms a distinctive signature of who you are.
My furniture is dynamic in form and use. In my designs, I start with the experience and designing seating ideas. “Form follows life” is my creed for this. A piece of furniture must adapt to the user and follow their daily life, from a moment to yourself to a hospitable gathering with friends. With active seating comfort during the day, and nice and lazy in the evening.     

In my furniture designs, I always look for meaningful innovations. During my studies, I often find non-conformist solutions with strikingly functional properties and a surprising design. I get to play in the international champions league of furniture designs with brands like De Sede, Jori and Leolux. I am very pleased to now add Borek to that list of fame. Borek understands the importance of design and collaboration with renowned designers like no other brand, while also safeguarding the interests of consumers and dealers with their decades of experience.

Compared to interior furniture, there are additional challenges when it comes to designing outdoor furniture.
The materials need to be indestructible and able to withstand the effects of weather, wind and UV rays.
Outdoor furniture is used intensively, but they are also visible 24/7 on your terrace or patio. That is why I try to shape them as a landmark on your terrace.
Borek and I ensure a 100% responsible and even tasteful mix of materials that will fully meet your expectations.

Chepri Dining is a high end dining set in finest teak and rope. The tables are available in the sizes 260 cm and 315 cm.
The chairs are also available with seat cushions and optional backcushion

2020 Borek teak Chepri table 260x100 568
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