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Client: Cooloo

Year: 2020

Since man has become a farmer as well as a hunter, which allowed him to choose a permanent residence, he has started to make culture. Stories became books, and sung songs became concerts with beautiful instruments for many musicians. The prehistoric hunter rested on a rock or fallen tree. In the winter the farmer also started to make seating furniture.

Now in the 21st century we are making seating culture. Designers come up with new seating sculptures that are now produced in a real industry. Sometimes very handsome and stylish, often more of the same.

Every now and then there is a revolutionary idea. Marcel Breuer used modern machines at the beginning of the 20th century to bend metal tubes to make modern dining chairs.  Gerrit Rietveld came up with chairs that could be made from a single sheet of plywood in order to create affordable furniture for everyone.

This kind of disruptive ideas from original thinkers turned the industry upside down and took the world further. Not with the aim of being just that, but to create truly innovative solutions.

With its ecological coatings, Cooloo gives enormous added value to the use of comfortable seating for indoors and outdoors. The Ameba lounge chair is cut out of a mono block of soft foam and, thanks to a special coating, the armchair is wonderfully comfortable and very stable.  No wooden or metal frame is used in the product.

With this technique you can also give a seat "legs", giving the seating culture with Cooloo coatings a new innovative and disruptive dimension.

The legs of Ameba gives the chair an almost animal-like character as if it were a living creature.

I like to give products a personal signature. People always want something recognizable from the past that they can hold on to, combined with a future perspective full of hope and a new direction.

By giving the armchair legs in this way, the seating unit acquires a recognizable character with a new elan.


By making the armchair in 3 sizes a family is created, where everyone from large to small can find a wonderful place of their own.

The chairs are very lightweight and therefore very manageable. In the blink of an eye you can move them from inside to outside. After all, a rain shower on them is no problem at all.

At Cooloo you can choose to apply a coating of leather, cork, denim or an alternative recycling material. In doing so, you also serve the circular economy in a sustainable way.

That is important for consumers, but certainly also for companies that want to account for their ecological footstep.

In October 2020 Ameba is distinguished with an award for Good Industrial Design by GIO

This award is not a cash prize or trophy. The Awards stands for the recognition of products designed with high craftsmanship, which are judged by a professional jury on functionality, design, originality, ergonomics, use of materials and respect for people and environment.

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