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Chepri Lounge

Client: Borek

Year: 2019


Chepri is the name of a round ancient Egyptian sun god.

The Chepri collection is a high end design in teak and rope mostly characterized by feminine round shapes.  I start my designs firstly with a basic  seating idea. I design  the shapes around the human body with a good seating comfort as a starting point. 


Where the dining chair, sofa and lounge chair have a rounded and female character, the dining table has a more Cubistic and sharp design. So in Chepri, just like in a good dish, I combine a sweet and sour combination for a perfect taste.

Chepri Lounge is a high end lounge set in finest teak and rope. The sofa is good for 3 persons and also long enough to take a nap. The lounge chair is like a throne of a Pharaoh, a marvelous seat. for a very long time.


The tables are available as a rich coffee table and 2 handy side tables in 2 heights.

The storage in the tables is a nice well thought detail for storage of some magazines or a blanket. 

of course you can choose your cushions out of a finest collection of outdoor fabrics.

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