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Year: 2000


Kikko is an extraordinary furniture design for extraordinary people. You have the rest of your life to be normal. With the Kikko design, (E)Motion has been perfectly utilized in both shape and function. By creating a back that can turn 180 degrees, you end up with a couch that has normal seating depth, but with one that can also function as a chaise longue. 

Kikko is lightweight and has large legs, which makes it easy to turn or move. 
Lounging while watching TV was never this comfortable. Would you rather look outside? No worries. By easily lifting Kikko’s back, it turns 90 degrees to the left or right. In a split second, the chaise longue is transformed into a comfortable seat with additional room. 

Kikko is a design from 2000, but it is still contemporary because of its various color and fabric combinations.  The back is available in two types; high to the left, or high to the right. 

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