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Jori Griffon Design Hugo de Ruiter

Griffon Lounge and Armchair

Client: Jori

Year: 2018

The spiral-shaped loop of Griffon, one of the most exciting roller coasters in the United States, was a source of inspiration for me for the design of my arm- and lounge chair of the same name for Jori.


Griffon is a sleek and relatively small armchair with a rounded shape on the outside. The piped seams follow a loop around the outer shell of the armchair.  Despite all the spectacle on the outside of this chair you will feel at home and relax. The foam, soft drapes and the chairs fabric or leather material folds comfortably around you.


A footstool and optional head cushion complement the design for a complete sitting-experience.  The 4-star swivel base ensures a stable and stylish support for this lounge armchair with built-in tilt mechanism.


Griffon is also available as a kindly priced armchair without the tilt mechanism.

Griffon is winner in  the German Design Award 2019. Griffon also received an iconic award 2019 from der Rat für Formgebung Germany". 

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