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Faya Lobi

Client: Leolux

Year: 2003


The Faya Lobi furniture design is an archetype of a modern sitting landscape with a horizontal look and seats that differ in depth. If you take a closer look, you will see the refined solutions in the legs and armrests of the couch, as well as beautiful seams and marvellous contours. 
The measurements of the Faya Lobi have been thought through in order to offer various possibilities for large and small settings. 

This series offers its owner all the dimensions to relax and doze off after a long day. The stretched seats with various depths ensure that lying down is just as alluring as sitting straight. The broad, smooth back forms a coherent image with the deep seats and also perfectly transits into a royal armrest. Faya Lobi is available as a couch and as a series of elements with various parts. 

A slumber pillow is available for extra comfort. 

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