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Eco Diningchair

Client: 4 Seasons Outdoor by              Dantrindo

Year: 2015


Eco, a surprising chair in full aluminium. 

A stackable chair should be designed with some principles in mind. The stacking chairs should be firm and not too high and of course, the seats may not damage each other. The back leg must in some way be able to slide along the seat during the stacking. And stacking should be light and easy. Logical, isn’t it? 

Eco evidently meets all of these requirements and desires and in addition the chair is light as a feather. With Eco, Hugo de Ruiter has realized a surprising and affordable design, available in Anthracite, Seashell  and in a number of lively colors. 
Eco can easily stay outside all year, but will also do very well in your interior. 

With the extra cushions you will have a marvelous comfort.


In 2018 The Eco collection is extended with a living chair and footstool and a bar chair.

19599_ Eco barchair with cushion 01.jpg
19597-19598_ Eco living chair with foots
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