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DS 167

Client: De Sede

Year: 2012 


How is it possible to improve upon an established model that has proved to be a success throughout the world? In the case of the unique DS-164/165 sofa family, which has long been one of the de Sede flagships, Hugo de Ruiter formulated this question somewhat differently: Is it possible to develop the modular seating system with its popular movable back section to create a sofa that fits perfectly in smaller yet sophisticated spaces? The answer is a resounding yes, as the new DS-167 so eloquently demonstrates.


The influence of its predecessor is evident in the sculptural body, whereas the characteristic organic form is lighter, slimmer and more contemporary. Cushions are resting lightly on the flexible backrest. Softly fashioned quilting and reduced legs in stainless steel complete the picture of a sensual seating design which can be re-arranged at any time to meet the owner’s mood of the moment and which matchlessly embodies the modern lifestyle trend of “homing”.


The DS-167 is a genuine original which unites the apparently incompatible values of open-mindedness and homeliness, of strength and grace.

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