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DS 165

Client: De Sede

Year: 2005


It isn’t a couch, it isn’t a line of chairs. It is a seating landscape with a great gesture. The rectangular order of the seats offers structure and rest to every room. The rotating backrest offers room for every individual seating demand at every moment of every day. The rests are 360 degrees rotatable to meet the impulsiveness of the moment. 

Sunday morning, ten ‘o clock, on my favourite spot; sitting on the DS 165, reading the paper, Bach playing in the background: I watch the birds in my garden. Afternoon, five ‘o clock; enjoying a glass of wine, sitting with my family around the fireplace. The seats around us are like a nest and offer us security. Evening, eight o’ clock, my son’s playing his Nintendo, my daughter is chatting and I am watching the evening news. Everyone has their individual place that can be totally different within a moment. 

With the adjustable backrests you can create various new seating areas. De DS 165 has many options in elements in various dimensions. Sitting is timeless, but the DS 165 is ready to conquer the 21st century. 

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