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DS 164 The Original

Client: De Sede

Year: 2004


The DS 164 furniture design is a couch that best exemplifies my design philosophy: (E)Motion. The Tête-á-Tête DS 164 couch has countless appearances and functions. Both backrests are able to rotate around the seat, with just a light push. This means that the couch has no front or rear side. The modulated seating system has a sculptured design, inspired by nature. The couch derives a special playfulness from its lack of linear regularities. 
Just as taking a bath with your partner allows you to relax and discuss the week’s events, a couch should offer the same comfort to unwind and to connect. Good contact involved eye contact. Seeing each other and perhaps feeling each other means you won’t be seated next to each other, but across one another. Dozing off with a good book or immersing oneself into a movie are things that most people prefer to do sprawled out on the couch. With the backrests surrounding you, you can build a little nest, where you could read exciting stories to your children. The couch series ‘Tête-á-Tête’ makes it possible to enjoy all of these moments on the same couch due to the surprisingly adjustable backrest.
The backrest doesn’t just rotate; it also changes its shape while moving. 
The biggest difficulty I faced while designing ‘Tête-á-Tête’ was creating a tracking system that allowed for the reshaping of the couch while sliding the backrest along the edges of the seats. 
Just like a chain of a bicycle, the backrest of ‘Tête-á-Tête’ can change shape due to its chained construction. The innovative backrest was designed by me and patented in cooperation with de Sede. 
With the DS 164 I didn’t want the technique to dominate the appearance. After all, we weren’t designing a bike; we were building a comfortable couch for your interior. The technology is hidden inside the couch; there are no buttons to push and the function is self-explanatory. That is what I call design in optima forma. 
The DS 164 is already a real iconic design classic, I prefer the original.

Outdoors is the new indoors

de Sede is bringing the dream of living in the open air to life thanks to first-rate materials and masterful craftsmanship in the areas of construction, fabrics and padding. My iconic sculpture DS 164 with character and charm also make life’s dreams come true outdoors, playing the starring role in outdoor living.

The power of innovation

Enjoy nature to the fullest. This is possible thanks to cutting-edge technology, living in the open air has become a reality: completely rustproof frames, water-repellent or permeable fabric covers and specially developed padding ensure a new quality standard for outdoor furniture.

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