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Client: Entuneliving

Year: 2013


For the design of Chair Millau and table Ponto I was inspired by bridges and their construction.

The basic shape of a historic bridge is usually created by multiple arches, similar to the ones used in ancient times to construct aqueducts. This makes sense, since the arch shape is not very difficult to build and extremely strong.

In table Ponto this arch shape returns in the table top and legs.

The Chair Millau takes its name from the highest bridge in the world. This pillar bridge at the Southern French town of Millau connects the banks of the Tarn. The total height is a whopping 343 meters.
Modern techniques enable filigree constructions in a cable-stayed bridge.


In designing the chair, I aimed for the lightest possible composition , in order to resemble this bright and slim character.
Since ancient times people have built remarkable bridges in order to be able to travel quickly, but also to be able to be together.


Imaginably, a nicely set Ponto table with a delicious meal might also build bridges to warm contacts and long friendships.


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