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Year: 2016 


Good wine needs no bush.

In 1992 Hugo de Ruiter designed Sofa Catalpa for Leolux. To this day, Catalpa is a successful design with an excellent seating comfort.


Hugo and the Leolux product developers redesigned this model in a new shape with an even better seating comfort.
Castanea is the result. These sofas and armchair has a more sophisticated styling and a nice floating optics on slender aluminium legs. The slightly more stuffed arm cushions and the round lines of the armrests rays refined elegance.

Castanea is available as an armchair, 2-seat sofa, 2.5-seater and 3-seater with 3 back heights. A footstool complements the program.

Castanea is the result of a long-term collaboration between designer Hugo de Ruiter and top house Leolux.


Some wines have to mature, but you can already enjoy Castanea today, presumably for decades again.

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