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Calynn, Calinda

Client: Leolux

Year: 2017


Creative Duo creates a comfortable and compact pair of seats.

Hugo de Ruiter has created Sofa Calynn and matching armchair Calinda for Leolux. Achieving comfortable seating in a sofa with compact dimensions is a significant challenge. A challenge you can safely leave to this experienced duo.

Hugo creatively played with facets and slightly sloping surfaces, creating a beautiful and contemporary form. The facets widen the arm. The narrowing shape of the base facilitates standing up, while lightening the optics. Less visible, but immediately noticeable when seated, is the top quality comfort. With several options in seat height and seat depth, both items are adaptable to users of any length. For smaller people in particular, this adds remarkable comfort. 

Legs are available in aluminum or oak, with a choice of decorative seams in different colors and a broad selection of upholstery. In addition, both items can be accompanied by a matching footstool for extra comfort.

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