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Year: 2016


I heard he sang a good song 
I heard he had a style 
And so I came to see him 
And listen for a while 

These are lines from the lyrics of Killing me softly with his song from the Fugees. 
This wonderful song with its meandering sounds inspired me to design Aurelio a dining table manufactured from solid European oak.
Every shape is soft in Aurelio. The table has rounded corners where the top blends into the legs, giving it a flowing character. 
The rounded corners form the apogee of this table. Crafted from one piece of solid wood, they can only be completed with great carpenter craftsmanship and a high-quality production process.
It takes a tree hundreds of years to grow into adulthood. It is my mission to create a beautiful and durable table which respects this natural history. I wanted to create a welcoming centre piece in your home. Aurelio is a very special object, it has even been called a masterpiece, by my client Leolux. 
Only the finest European oak is used in crafting the solid wood Aurelio. 

Diningtable in three sizes: 190, 220 or 240 cm 
Aurelio is crafted from solid oak, and is available in all Leolux oil and stain colors 

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