Client: Cooloo

Year: 2019

Scomber is a lounge chair and Sofa with an amazing upholstery.

Imagine the friendly tactility  and Natural look of leather as a surface. That is not so special, but this upholstery is not done with a hide.

This leather coated surface is made from 100% waste, waterproof and UV-resistant.

Cooloo about the coating:

"Ecological in coating
Our goal is to develop and create a zero waste product that suit the circular economy. Therefore we work together with fabric recycling companies, leather production and upholstering companies, foam recycling companies and many more. So we can find new ways to use waste materials in a high quality way. This is how we have developed the CooLLeather and CooLCork finishing’s that contain waste from the leather and cork production industries.  "

Hugo de Ruiter Design, Taxandrialaan 6, NL-5283 MC Boxtel 

email:  Tel: +31411607669 Mobile: +31628974743

Scomber lounge 1